Alternate apps for whatsapp: Signal or Telegram

Alternate apps for Whatsapp: Signal or Telegram 

Alternate apps for Whatsapp: Signal or Telegram

Whatsapp owned by facebook, has changed it's privacy policy and since then they are under the radar, users are finding Whatsapp alternate and are switching to app like signal and telegram for more privacy. This month whatsapp all of sudden change it's privacy policy which make user furious and led to mass switching toward signals and Telegram. This blog will discuss the best alternative apps for whatsapp and will compare Signal and Telegram.

Whatsapp however, had posponed it's new privacy policy from 8th February  to 15th of May, due to the reaction of it's user, but are still sharing the data between whatsapp and facebook and many users have reported it to be fishy. Users that have already agreed cannot revert to old privacy policy and there data have been shared already. There was huge backlash and it lead consumer to look for other social chatting apps such as Telegram and Signal. Within three days Telegram have gained 25 million and still counting and recently crossed around 500 million users. Signal remain in top position in Google play store and App store.

Key Highlights

  • Whatsapp policy
  • Whatsapp group leaks
  • whatsapp alternate : Signal or Telegram

Whatsapp policy:

Whatsapp a social chatting and calling app became popular due to it's simpler easier and secure way of communicating with other. It was promised to remain secure and make it's users secure in term of their privacy. But ever since it was acquire by facebook it has shared more or less amount of your data to facebook. However, be assured that your chat and photos aren't being leaked or watched by anyone due to it's End to End Encryption. If we carefully read Affiliated companies section of  the privacy policy of whatsapp you can see that facebook continously gather data about you to serve better Ads in facebook. 

Due to this I strongly believe that India and other countries should be very much concern about the data of their citizen and should bring data protection law. 

Let's see what type of Data whatsapp can Acquire from you:

  • Your account information: info such as your mobile number,profile name, profile picture, status message and contacts.

  • Your Message : Message that are delivered are deleted from their server but undelivered message remain in server. Do keep in mind that it still remain in your phone storage.

  • Usage and Log information: Activities in whatsapp, log files.

  • Transactional info: whatsapp may recieve your paymet info, receipts, and all payment that you do from whatsapp. 

  • Device and connection info : when you install whatsapp you give permission to app such as phone model, Phone number, mobile network info, IP address, Operating system, device location, and location that you share to other.

  • Cookies: Language preference and your choice for better serve and customize whatsapp service for you.

  • Status info: They collect info regarding you online and status message change. They can identify when you come online or offline.

Whatsapp group leaks

Recently Whatsapp private group and phone number have been visible in google search more than 1500 group have occured in google which is also the reason to switch it to alternate apps such as Signal and Telegram. Whatsapp have allowed indexing of whatsapp group that led it to be visible on google search and the group link is available and any stranger can join private link with the link. Signal and Telegram have no such issue. Whatsapp must fix this issue otherwise they might loose potential users and alternate apps for whatsapp are already available in playstore and app store. Whatsapp have to add noindex and block robot.txt for the whatsapp site to restricts it's group chat and users data to index in google.

If u are blogger or have doubt on google search console - click here

Alternate apps for whatsapp: Signal or Telegram

As whatsapp parent company facebook changes whatsapp privacy policy users started backlash among android and ios users were prominent, eventhough the date of accepting new privacy policy have been postponed. Users that have already agreed cannot revert to old privacy policy and there data have been shared already.
The amount of agitation is so huge that people have already started to switch there mode of communication to Signal and telegram. you can imagine the amount of increase download is so huge that signal messenger started to crash and people were unable to register using otp.

Advantage of Signal and Telegram over Whatsapp:

Signal : 

Alternate apps for whatsapp: Signal or Telegram

Signal created by Co- founder of Whatsapp is the most preffered free alternate apps because of it's privacy and end to end transcription by default, it's server crashed day after Elon musk told users to switch it and within a day it has gained more than 20 million users that led to crash and unable to generate otp for registration, but now this issue has been fixed. Signal offer end to end encryption by default hence users don't have to enable. Signal is free and Open source and launch in February 2018.

  • It's a cross platform app means you can use it any operating system.
  • Open source and work by donations, hence no ads 
  • Allow upto 8 people in group call/video. and serve as default messaging app in android.
  • Signal allows users to automatically blur faces of people in photos to protect the identities of users.
  • Signal has the feature to remove message after the set timer is over.

Alternate apps for whatsapp: Signal or Telegram
                                            Image source - Signal twitter handle.


Indian and other south Asian know telegram very well, many people are already using this app as it has channels that help in learning and is also help in watching series and popular movies. Telegram is free and cloud based and offer end to end video/audio encryption. Telegram has data server over the world. However we have to enable secret chat for EtoE chatting. Telegram recently crossed 500 million users thanks to whatsapp privacy policy.

  • Have more than 500 million users.
  • Can send file upto 2GB.
  • Cloud based storage and server are located at multiple country with different jurisdication.
  • Secret chats have EtoE encryption and have dissappearing messsage option.
  • Multiple channel where you can learn and also watch movies and series.
  • Best way to manage users for content creator.

To conclude whatsapp have to provide confidence to their users and have to have clear privacy policy for whatsapp. Emerging apps such as Signal and Telegram are already becoming alternative source of chats. whatsapp privacy though postponed has already shared some sort of data. There is huge competition among chatting apps and whatsapp alternative like signal and telegram are already having upper hand over privacy policy.

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