Best drone under 1000 rs on Amazon/Flipkart

 Best drone under 1000 rs on Amazon/Flipkart

Best drone under 1000rs on Amazon/Flipkart

Drone prices in India range from 1000rs to more than 4-5 lakhs depending upon the nature of use, The cheap drone camera price in India online can be around 1000rs. This blog will share some of the Best drones under 1000rs on Amazon and Flipkart. But These 1000rs or Under 3000rs drones are different from the proper drones which we see in the hands of content creators, these are generally toys or beginner-level drones. However one can gift these best drones under 1000rs to their kids and also use them to capture low-quality 720p videos. You can also find drones under 100$ in USA.

What is a drone camera?

Drones are unmanned aerial objects used to perform tasks such as capturing photos and videos of nature and landscape. They have enormous scope in various fields such as Agriculture, content creation etc. Drones are used to take aerial shots. The Drone camera under 1000rs are generally used by beginners to get hands-on experience in flying drones, and also they can capture pictures and videos but the quality of these footages are pathetic. 

List of Features best drone cameras have under 1000rs:

  • It should be able to take on and take off.

  • It should be Easy to operate by RC.

  • Should fly for at least 5 minutes.

  • Age 3+ children can use


V8 Mini Drone 4K 1080P HD Camera:

This is a plastic-built drone and comes with different version and specifications.

Camera: With 0.3MPcan shoot a maximum of 480P, with a 5.0MP Camera it can shoot 1080p, with 4K Camera/ (Optional) Gyro: 6-axis Frequency: 2.4G Channel: 4CH Motor: 716 Brushed Coreless Motor. The camera Angle is  Fixed at 25°.

Battery: 3.7V 650MAH Lipo Battery (Included) and it has a flight time of around 10-15 mins. The charging time is 40 mins.

FPV Distance: 30-50m FPV: WiFi Resolution: 30W-480P, 500W-1080P,4K Quadcopter Size: 11*13*4CM (Unfolded)

Additional Features: – With the altitude hold mode function, the flight is stable. In headless mode, there is no need to adjust the position of the aircraft before flying. You can easily find your way home using the one-button back function. it can be connected to applications, the APK systems, and take photos, videos, and real-time transmission through mobile phone camera images.

WiFi FPV Package Included: 1 x Drone 1 x Remote Control 1 x 3.7V 650MAH Battery 1 x USB Charging Cable 4 x Spare Blade 4 x Protection Cover 1 x Manual.

This under 1000rs drone is available in Ali express only.

 Toyshine UFO RC Flying Toy:

This is a small drone like UFO flying toy, This is the cheapest toy drone under 1000rs. This drone can fly it has four propellers and it lights up when you turn it on. 
This is a hand-held sensor inductive suspension flying toy. When the UFO is flying, you should place your hand under the flying ball to control the flight. It will interact with your hands. There are sensing areas on the bottom and sides.

This Drone works by sensing your hand under the drone, To fly this drone you will get you will find a small black on/off switch; slide the switch to the "On" position; when the light is on, keep the ball in a straight up position; 2-3 seconds After that, the propeller will start to rotate; release the ball from the hand and let it fly.

Camera:                Not Available
Weight:                 185gram
Flying Height:      80 metres.
Batteries ‎: CR2 batteries are required. (included)

HX 750 Drone Quadcopter:

This is the only drone in the list which is the best drone under 1000rs on Amazon/Flipkart. Generally, the price is around 1500-2000 rupees but during the offer period, one can get around 1000 rupees. This is the most popular drone. It has 893 rating on Amazon and around 3.8/5 stars.

This drone is ultra light around 100gm and is perfect for small kids to begin their first drone flying journey.

Camera:               Not Available  
Remote Control: Available and 
The remote control lets you take complete control of your drone with 3-speed modes. the Drone has about 30 meters flight height range , Buttons to take photos and videos are also available. Complete control - from direction to speed, even a 360-degree flip can be made from this remote.
Flying Time:  220mah, gives 8-10 Minutes

Additional Features: 360° Roll-Over, This drone adopts 2.4G 6 Axis Gyro Tech. There will be less interference, more stability, and easy maneuverability.

Remote Control Helicopter:

This is the lightest and cheap helicopter toy available at Amazon. It has built in sensors that keep the helicopter stable while flying. Strong 2.4 GHz Frequency Sensor for learn with fun Learn with Fun During the childhood, your kids imagination and scientific learning about the sensitivity and motor skills are developed with the usage of the such toy. The helicopter toy is powerful way to sensitize them towards the gravity power and make them learn sense of direction, concentration and activate their brain power

Camera:               Not Available  

Remote Control: Available, the product helicopter comes with an easy-to-use and functional remote. The left button should be pressed to stop/start the helicopter. The right button can be used to keep the helicopter flying in the air.

This helicopter is strictly a toy and it is not the Best drone under 1000rs.


In this price segment, it is very difficult to find the best drone under 1000rs on Amazon/Flipkart. Earlier sellers can import the drones from Ali Express and Banggood, But after the import ban drones under 1000rs option are not available in India and USA. If you want to get the real drone experience then the Cheap drone available will be DJI Tello drone. But if are strict on budget then you can purchase HX 750 Drone quadcopter.

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