Best way to send money from India to Nepal

 Send money from India to Nepal

Send money from India to Nepal

There are many ways by which one can send money from India to Nepal. However, many third party ways are there that charge huge money and not secure also. This blog will provide knowledge and compare the best payment method available like IME pay, Western Union, Money gram etc. to send money from India to Nepal securely and fast. Some of the ways can be used to send money to Nepal from any foreign countries. This blog will help you in how to send money from India to Nepal.


Nepal has huge remittance and it affects the economy significantly around 25% of Nepal total GDP is contributed by remittance service this is due to the movement of their citizen to a foreign country in search of Job, Education and better lifestyle and also by tourist. Many companies are coming every now and then to facilitate money transfer to Nepal. Some of the popular payment agencies are IME pay, Western Union, Moneygram, Ezee pay, SBI to SBN transfer etc. 

Some of the fast and easy mode of Transfer money from India to Nepal are as follow:

  1. Remittance services Provider: 

    Some agencies have a huge network in Nepal and World for fast money transfer in Nepal from the USA, Sydney, India etc.

  • IME pay, 
  • Prabhu Money Transfer
  • Western Union,
  • Money Gram etc

Indo-Nepal Money Transfer: 

These transfer services are generally through bank partnership scheme such as between Punjab National bank India to Everest Bank. SBI india to SBN nepal. These services are best and secure in Nature and you can send money from India to Nepal bank account.

IME transfer from India to Nepal:

IME pay stands for International Money Express, It is the fastest and most popular way of transfer money to Nepal, It has  the highest number of branches around 30,000 payout location which make it easy and Convenient. IME provide service such as Cash in and Cash out, Customer can deposit money directly to Nepal Bank Account also. IME money transfer is hassle-free and quick with minimal service charges. IME transfer from India to Nepal is done by Muthoot Finance service, they are the official partner in India for IME transfer. For nearby IME location and Service, charge visit IME Nepal official website- Click here

How to transfer money from India to Nepal through IME :

If you want to transfer money from India to Nepal through ime transfer then you need to visit the nearby Muthoot finance branch they are the official partner for IME money transfer in Nepal. Muthoot Finance has a partnership with IME Nepal, you can avail the service of Indo - Nepal Money transfer (INMT).

Indo-Nepal money transfer service by Muthoot finance can be avail by any Nepalese or Indian citizen in any Muthoot finance branch. Muthoot Finance has a tie-up with IME and Prabhu bank. A customer just needs to complete basic KYC by providing an ID card.

Steps for Indo - Nepal Money transfer :

  • For India to Nepal money transfer ime they need to visit the Muthoot finance branch.

  • Provide your ID for KYC, do keep your mobile phone with an active sim connection.

  • After submitting your ID provide the ID and detail of the Beneficiary residing in Nepal. 

  • Deposit the money and take the receipt. You can either send money in cash or Deposit it to the Bank account of the Beneficiary.

If you have any doubts or confusion do contact Muthoot finance official website or Helpline Number - 8088988911. Official Indo-Nepal money transfer service website- click here


  1.  How much money can be sent from India to Nepal by IME i.e. at Muthoot finance at a time?

    You can send as much as 2500 dollar at a time but the money of more than 50,000 INR have to be deposited by cheque and also you need to provide the Account detail. If you send money below 50,000 you don't have to give account detail and money can be sent in cash.

  2.  How many times a person can send money from India to Nepal in a year through IME pay?

    A person can do transactions 30 times a year.

  3. India to Nepal transfer charges through IME?

    The transaction charges for India to Nepal money transfer through IME are very minimal it's just around 200 INR for 50,000 INR. 

If you can have any questions or queries kindly drop a comment below. Meanwhile, i will keep posting and updating this article for the Best way to send money from India to Nepal.

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