Acer laptop warranty check and warranty extension in India

 Acer laptop warranty check and warranty extension in India

Acer warranty check and warranty registration india

Acer is a well-known brand in the laptops and electronics market, Acer has a wide range of laptops and typically provide 1-year on-site warranty in India. It's really difficult to find the detail about your 
Acer laptop warranty on their website, so this blog will help you to check Acer laptop warranty and warranty extension in India. The direct link for Acer laptop warranty check and warranty extension will be listed below.

Acer is one of the competitive player in the PC and laptop segments, they have products such as Desktop, laptops ranging from midrange to ultra-gaming. Acer had partnered with several other PC component manufacturers and hence the warranty also differs from component to component in terms of the Desktop series. However, in the Laptop segment, they have partner brands like Chicony or Delta to manufacture their charging adapters, so in case you get Chicony or Delta brand charger inside the laptop don’t panic they are officially provided by Acer.

Checklist before Acer laptop warranty registration, warranty check and extended warranty

  • Serial number (SNID) is 11 digit or model number of the Product.

  • Purchase Invoice

  • Active internet connection.

  • Acer Laptop/PC 

   Online Acer Product warranty Registration

  • Initially, upon first Bootup your PC/laptop will tell you to register your Acer product for warranty or you can register from the app in your Laptop name as Acer product Registration. If you couldn't register you can register from the below link.

  • Visit the official Acer website for registration click here

  • Fill the form with correct detail according to the purchased invoice, You have to Enter the Serial number of your product which is around 22 digits.

  • Enter your purchased detail according to the invoice, Enter your Personal detail such as Name, Email, phone number etc.

  • Upon successful completion of detail, hit the submit button and wait for a maximum of one week.

  • You can check your Acer product warranty and registration detail below.

How to check Acer warranty in India

  • If you have registered your Acer laptop by the above method then you are good to go ahead.

  • For Acer warranty check you just need either your Product SNID or Serial number.

  • Visit the given website for online Acer warranty check - click here.

  • Enter your SNID or SN, to get your SN/SNID refer to the back of the product or your invoice.

  • After submitting you can get detail about your warranty validity and warranty type along with the purchaser name etc.

How to check Acer monitor warranty

  • Acer manufacture monitor and other PC peripherals, Before checking the warranty you need to have a Serial number which is around 11-12 digits. The serial number is located at the back of your monitor beside the bar code.

  • To check Acer monitor warranty just visit the website - click here

  • Now you can check your monitor warranty, This method is only for India specific.

Acer warranty Claim/Repair support India

The consumer can claim a warranty if there is a manufacturing or natural defect, physical damage isn't covered. Acer Provide 1 year on-site warranty. According to Acer Claim under Acer India's warranty may be made only by those customers who have registered their purchase with Acer India within 15 days of receiving the product. In case of products that are not registered, the claim will have to be accompanied compulsorily by the original sales invoice.
For warranty claim just contact their customer support, details are given below.

E-mail : [email protected]

Toll Number : 1860-120-2019

WhatsApp Number : +91 6366 800 400

Acer warranty extension

A typical standard Acer product has only 1-year on-site warranty, so in case you want to protect your devices for a longer period of time you have to purchase their warranty extension for an additional 2-year warranty.

For Acer warranty extension follow this process:

  • Visit the official Acer website for warranty extension - Click here

  • Fill in the required detail and proceed to pay the extension charges.

  • After successful payment download the extended warranty detail.

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Where i can find serial number of product?

Serial number can be found on the back of your product, Invoice, product box or Acer care center app.

What is the validity of typical warranty?

Acer standard warranty last for 1 year and it can be on-site or carry in type, but you can extend the warranty up to 3 years also.

Can I extend Acer warranty?

Yes, you can extend Acer warranty for upto 2 years but you need to register within 1 year of purchase.

How to check Acer laptop/monitor warranty by serial number?

You need to go to Acer Official website and enter the serial number of your devices, serial number of Acer laptop are generally 22 characters long and can be found on Product invoice, Back of the product or Acer Care centre app.

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