Best productivity and useful apps for students

Best Productivity & useful android apps for students

Introduction to best productivity apps

There are millions of android apps available on Playstore and often some best productivity apps became underrated. These useful android apps for students include Study apps, Motivational apps, Productive apps for assignments etc. These are useful android apps for students. Thus, this blog will share a few best underrated useful android apps for students. 

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Typically in student life, they are often required to be productive and gain as much knowledge and skill as they can. To make things easy in this digital era they take the help of apps. These apps may help in making things easy and help in increasing efficiency.

Table of Content:

List of best productive Android apps for students

Socratic by Google

Socratic by google

Socratic app derived its name from the famous Greek philosopher Socrates who was known to be the founder of western philosophy. The socratic app is one of the best apps for high school and university students where they can find the best possible answer to their questions. If you ever got stuck or confused about solving complex maths problems, no worries this app will help you just upload the picture of the problem and with the help of Google AI, you can get the best possible answer to your question. 

Socratic is the best productivity apps for high school students because you can complete your assignments in no time. Socratic can find answers to the question of high school to university level. Students can simply upload pictures of the question or use voice search to find the answer.

The best feature is you can get a step-by-step video tutorial for your question, your question can be from multiple subjects such as History, Science, Maths and literature. In this app, you can choose the best explanation from the list of explanations provided by different teachers.

Socratic by Google is available for both Android and iOS platforms.


Canva image and video editor

This is a useful app for students, Canva help in designing and creating stunning graphics design, banner, thumbnail, Resume and C.V. this is by far the most versatile app for photo editing and logo creating apps. Students can design awesome banners for their assignments or they can also make their Resume from the pool of templates. This app will reduce a significant time for editing and designing. It has pre-built templates for various social platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, blogger, Pinterest etc.

The feature list of this app is long. However, some of them are mentioned below:
  • Video Editing.
  • Photo editing.
  • Animations.
  • Adding text to photo.
  • Adding music to video and photos.
  • Logo Designing.
  • Resume and C.V designing.

Canva has been the best app for tablets in Google Play best 2021 award. A user can sign in via google or Facebook to save their work for future use. Canva can be termed the best productive android apps for students because of the dynamic feature it provides. 

Canva is available both as Free and Premium versions, Premium version provides additional tools and pre-built templates. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Photo & Picture Resizer by Farluner apps and games

Image resizer

This simple app can be the saviour for job seekers, students have to apply for various job portal and each job sector require different picture size and resolution. An example is the SSC govt. website where it requires photo size to be less than 20kb, believe me, it's a headache without using this app to downsize the resolution and size of the image, without these kinds of tools one has to manually edit in Microsoft paint or search for an online tool where privacy can be at stake.

This is the best app for students if they want to downsize photo resolution which can further be used to upload on e-mails, Job portals, Facebook etc. For e-mail the maximum file size should be below 5MB thus you might need to shrink the photo size.

Some of the features that this app has:
  • Batch resize
  • The original photo remains the same, it doesn't alter original file.
  • Easy to locate the resized photo.
  • Adjust the photo aspect ratio, resolution and file size according to the need.
  • Best compression result.
This app is available on the Android platform, and similar apps may be found on iOS.

IFTTT - Automation & workflow

IFTTT automate your work

I bet u haven't heard of this app before but this app can save a lot of time for students, especially, those who run multiple social accounts and for content creators too. IFTTT is an automation app that can perform multiple tasks with just one action, it can automate your workflow and sync your work on multiple platforms. This is the best app for students.

IFTTT contains pre-made templates called Applets these Applets can be used to perform multiple tasks with just one click. For example- If i want my Facebook post to get uploaded on Twitter or Pinterest just activate the applets for Facebook and done, your post will automatically get posted on Twitter and Pinterest simultaneously.

IFTTT can also be useful apps for students to perform crazy tasks such as notifying them when an astronaut goes to space. This app has great potential and it's super cool. You can find hundreds of Applets to automate and become super productive.

Some of the list of features that it can perform:

  • Control each and every aspect of smart home appliances using Google Assistant and Alexa.
  • It can automatically perform multiple tasks upon reaching a specific location, Ex: It can play Spotify music after you reach home automatically.

  • Alert you on bad weather with a security alert.
  • Post your update on multiple platforms like youtube, Instagram, website etc.
IFTTT is available on both Android and iOS platforms. It has free and premium services.

Mutify- Mute annoying ads

Mutify: Mute annoying sotifyb ads

Mutify is the app for Spotify lover, Mutify can be the best android app for students. Mutify mutes the annoying ads that occur on Spotify and silences those ads in the background.

Whenever it detects the ads playing on Spotify it automatically turns down the volume of ads so that you don't have to get interrupted while listening to your favourite music playlist. To use this feature you must enable 'Device Broadcast Status'  in Spotify setting.

Some of the features that this app has:

  • Simple and clean user interface. 
  • Lets you hear ads at low volume.
  • Quick-setting tile to quick-launch Mutify from status bar.
  • Control media without leaving the app.
  • Light and Dark UI available.
  • Consume less battery and doesn't require any permission.

Mutify is the best productivity and useful android app for students who love Spotify, and Mutify is completely free for Android users. Unfortunately, this app isn't available for iOS yet.

These are the best productivity apps for students, all the above productive apps were personally used by the author and they are not sponsored by any means. These productive android apps have been trusted by many and are trending among youngsters. All of these apps are personally being used by me and these are by far the best productivity app that students can use for daily tasks. We are hopeful that you might like our app's collection, if know similar kinds of apps in your mind are useful for students then do comment and share the details, we would love to feature that app in our next blog.

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