Download Realme/Oppo Paid theme and Fonts free using imod pro

 Realme/Oppo paid theme and font download for free from the theme store using imod pro


Download Realme/Oppo Paid theme and Fonts free using iMOD pro

                                                                                                            Download Realme/Oppo paid theme and fonts free using imod pro latest apk 1.3 or through set edit apk, you can easily download imod pro apk from the link below. imod pro can remove 5 min trial issue in Realme theme store version 7.2 .

Realme and Oppo are both belong to the same parent company called BBQ, therefore they share similarities to a great extent. Realme and Oppo a few months ago share the same Color OS, till Color OS 6, then Realme came with their own UI called RealmeUI. Initially, they have free theme but later most of the theme and font are paid version. This blog will share the trick to download Paid Themes and Fonts from official theme store for free using latest imod pro apk

Earlier users can get a huge list of the free theme to download, But later after update, they remove this because theme developers needs to get paid for developing quality full theme. for this user can download imod pro apk latest version given in the blog.

Presently if we open theme store we can get huge list of paid theme and font, if someone want to use them they have the option to use theme for trial 5 min time. So to remove trial issue and use the theme and font for free we have to use iMOD pro app it's best to download all theme and font for free.

Apps to download:

  1. Latest iMOD apk file - version 1.3.2
  2. Theme store - version - 7.2.0 and above.

* links to download both of the app are given below.

imod v 1.3.2 APK & Theme store link - 

Steps to follow : 

  • Download and install the given imod pro apk from the link.

  • After downloading open the theme store, select the paid font and theme from the theme store and download.

  • After downloading, Apply the theme and close the Theme store and remove it from the background.

  • Now Open iMOD pro apk. 

  • Click on the Blue minus icon (-) on the upper right side of the app.

  • Cheers!! You have successfully remove the trial theme issue.

2nd Method

Use set edit application

Tool needed : 

Method : 

• Install Set edit application, by clicking the set edit word. 
• Open theme store and download any paid theme, click on Try me.
Open set edit Application and scroll till u get. ''Persist.sys.trial.theme'' 

Download Realme/Oppo Paid theme and Fonts free using iMOD pro

Click on ''Persist.sys.trial.theme'' then change value from '1' to '0'. Here in the image have 0 because I have already applied this technique.

• Violla your trial is finished, Now u can get all paid themes for free using imod pro apk latest version.

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In conclusion, imod pro apk version 1.3.2 is the best app for fixing 5 min trial theme and font issue in Realme android phones. It is easy and working in 2021 also. If you find any difficulty in using imod pro apk then comment below. We would really appreciate you to read our other post.

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  1. It does not work. After 30 minutes the trial expires.

    1. Yes if u have followed the same way i did here and the trial issue is still there then maybe this method is patched by realme.


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