PUBG versus FAUG: Launch and Announcements in India

PUBG versus FAUG: Launch and Announcement

PUBG versus FAUG: Launch and Announcement

It's a good news for gamers in India that PUBG and FAUG  arrival is confirmed. However, PUBG is still desperately trying for goverment approval while FAUG started pre- registration. there is constant chaos among PUBG vs FAUG and there launch. This blog is about PUBG vs FAUG: Launch and announcement in India.

PUBG along with other 100 plus apps were banned by Indian govt. in the month of september 2020. However, earlier leaks and teasers are coming frequently that comfirms that PUBG is coming but the recent leaks suggest that PUBG corporation are trying there best for goverment approval. However FAUG being an indian company are ready for Pre- registration.

PUBG Latest updates:

  • December 30th: New Recruitment have been made and in background the PUBG corporation is trying there best to get approval, as of now it seems that FAUG will be launch first and then PUBG will be released later on. Earlier report have came to penalised content creator for playing PUBG Korean version and streaming into their chaannel. However an RTI filed stated as such there would not be penalty for streamer rather the penalty would be implemented on intermediator but not on players.

  • December 12th: Latest leaks and rumour covered by Technical Guruji in his youtube video suggest that MeitY a ministry that is dealing with PUBG approval have seen each and every changes done by PUBG corporation to impress the Indian Goverment but still they couldn't get approval, the goverment is adamant on its decision to ban the game. After the recommendation by NCPCR  to indian goverment for continuing the ban further due to the violence and effect it cause to children and teenagers, PUBG has to clear a lot of hurdles before it could come back in India.

There are leaks came by Data miner suggesting that a Welcome gift is present in Indian version of PUBG, this welcome gift include Anarkali set comprise of clothes in orange colour. However the same dress combo came during makar sankranti this year.

  • December 02 PUBG corporation  has been registered officially as a private company in India https://www.pubgmobile.in/, The Ministry of electronics and information technology (MeitY) is closely looking after PUBG corporation comeback. Although PUBG is now independent from tencent and are under Krafton. as far as our knowledge is concerned PUBG coroporation has resolve every concern of Indian goverment be it the transfer of Data of PUBG user in India to microsoft Azure.PUBG official channel will have mini teaser which feature Dynamo, Kronten and Jonathan they are famous eSports player you can see the trailer here and leaks and rumours are suggesting that Indian version of PUBG will have some modification to make it less realistic also there will be time reminder to take a break. Leaks are also suggesting that there would be default dress intead of earlier.
        several false rumour and wesite are there stating release dates but as of now no official          dates has been released and nobody is sure about release.

FAUG latest updates:

FAUG is a registered company under nCORE games few days ago started FAUG pre- registration on tap tap and google play store, and officially it confirms more than 1milliion pre- registration. according to our knowledge FAUG might launch early compare to PUBG. However, some users got compatibility issue, but vishal gondal, leader of nCORE games confirmed that this issue will be fixed. in PUBG vs FAUG battle it is speculated that 
FAU-G will be launched before next year.

FAUG is not battle royal game like PUBG rather it is action story mode that includes chapters and the first chapter include Glawan valley incidence that happened this year. Where the early trailer shows image of sikh soldier with no armour, FAU-G has promised to donate 20% of net profit to bharat ke veer trust that help the family of martyr indian soldier.
all the details regarding FAUG is available at https://www.faug.in/

As of  January 2021:

  •  nCORE twitter handle just posted the trailer and stated that game will be released on 26 january on the eve of Republic Day.

  • We might see the game launch near Republic day more precisely near 26 January we can atleast see some update about the game. Few days ago there was gameplay leaks of FAUG.


PUBG involve battle royal and is multiplayer while FAUG is single player game but both involve map. Like that of PUBG FAUG also require login through facebook and other social accounts or guest account. Both include collection of rewards to unlock several character and dress unlock.


Both the games has built in voice chat, and the gameplay include joystick and other feature is very much similar to PUBG. Do keep in mind that initially FAUG will not be that much polished compared to PUBG, therefore in terms of PUBG versus FAUG the later one is lacking feature in initial launch.
Both the game will have TPP mode as we have seen from the trailer and both the game are free to play.


The blog briefly describe PUBG versus FAUG: Launch and Announcement it is clear that FAUG will come early that too before next year. While PUBG comeback still remained in question as it is still under Goverment approval. While it is unfair to compare both the game as FAUG is still in naive stage and will need improvement and feedback from player for polishment. We are really hopeful for FAUG.

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