Future of electric cars and vehicles in India and developing nations

 Future of Electric cars and EV in India and developing nations

Future of electric cars and vehicles in India and Developing nations

In India recently Tesla have announced that they will be launching their electric cars and are planning to upgrade their manfacturing on the basis of the consumer response. It will be exciting to see the Future of Electric Cars and EV in India and other developing nations. But they still need to watchout some points before they can actually deliver thier product to general people in India. Tesla entering into Indian market have given option to other electric cars manufacturer to find an option too. So let's see what are the things that these electric cars and EV manufactuer have to work on.

Generally there are two kinds electric cars available in the market as of now they are either Tesla or everything other such as Ford, Rivian etc. and this blog will discuss the future of Electric cars as electric cars are indeed going to replace the conventional cars. They are called future electric cars because they still need to work on some areas so as to give neck to neck competition with petrol and diesel cars.

Tech and automobile companies are trying their best to make electric cars as close to the conventional ones, news article states that several tech gaints investing huge amount of money on their R&D to make it as much efficient as they can. Apple is also coming with their own electric cars and have some high tech battery in the field of EV in 2024. It sounds pretty interesting to see EV coming from Apple maybe it might be costly too.

In the next decade we might see several player launching their best Electric cars and EV in the  market and compete and Apple have to face competition too because of the already existing Tesla and Ford etc.

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Future of electric cars and vehicles in India and developing nations

                                                       Tesla Model Y

Points that tech giants need to keep in mind:

  1. Range or Mileage:

    If Electric cars need to launch today with around 200 mile per range then they are already behind the race. In today world some of the high tech Electric cars are already touching 250 (400km)  - 450 (640km) mile per range in a full battery, example being the Tesla long range model S with 100KWH battery with mileage of around 402 mile or 647km which is already available in 2020 in market. If someone is going to launch an electric cars with 200 mile per per range then they are already obsolete. If we compare this to an average of range in Diesel or petrol cars it's near around 400 mile i.e. 650km approx. so if we want to replace these conventional cars with electric ones we need to be either equal or higher than them because of less number of gas station for Electric cars and EV. This year we have already seen Tesla cybertruck with more than 500 mile per range and Tesla Roadster that can go upto 650 mile and might come in 2022.

    These efficiency in terms of battery came due to priorioty and money investment in R&D and that's why the electreic cars are bit high priced.

  2. Charge Station are pretty underrated:

    Developing an efficient electric cars is half the story the charging and charging stations is the other half. And it is often taken for granted but they as equally important as the electric cars and EV itself. It is amazing to be confident that even if your is having less charge you can easily refuel it on the way it simple just awsome. As the electric cars is still in development mode and yet to reach developing nation and general person the propritary charging solution bring some issue to non tesla cars, Tesla have charging network in USA so well but the other Electric cars manufacturer are yet to make their charging station available at every streets and major points. To eradicate this there must be collaborative efforts from Electric cars and EV manufacturer. Now i must acknowledge and i agree the hurdles in making the charging station cross compatible with other companies. But if it get possible then consumers might switch to other Electric manufacturer such as Porsche or maybe Porsche Taycan rather than Tesla due to comfort and less cost.

  3. Build Quality:

    There was an article that came up lately written by a Ford employee about how shady the Build quality of Tesla is as compared to Ford electric cars, well there has to be some sort of compromise that every manufacturer do Tesla has done the same. However, consumer are still sticking with Tesla because of how efficient the battery of Tesla is and their super charging solution. Consumers as of now are forced to choose Tesla as there are no alternative in terms of battery efficiency.

So to sum up the electric cars need to improve the battery efficiency and easy accessible to charging station, companies can even come up with charging cross compatibility. Tesla needs to improve in terms of build quality as compared to Ford. and all the other manufacturer have to work in terms of charging stations availability. Manufacturer can improve their interior slowly and steadily as we have seen consumer are rather preferring battery over build quality. 

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